Wednesday, 18 May 2016

DemonBooterv1.0 Updated 17/5/2016

DemonBooterv1.0.0.1 is a network stresser penetration testing tool designed to attack Remote IP addresses.
This Tool has been Tweaked for easier use on PSN ID and XBOX360 Gamertags.

DemonBooter is written in Python3 and has the capability to attack its victim via the famous Tor Browser which will spoof your ip address and keep you completely Anonymous at all times.


The creator of DemonBooter is in no way responsible for your use of this Tool!

Please be aware that over using this tool on the same victim over and over again could raise suspicion by their network provider which could leave you in serious trouble although this is very unlikely please try to use DemonBooterv1.0 in moderation.


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